Monday, 10 September 2007

Flecks Of Dark

Something i wrote a few years back,when i was pretty ill,hmmm,badly ill would make more sense i guess.

Whispers in the dark
Darkness in my heart
Light searing my eyes
Words stuck in my throat
Tears at bay

What day is it?
What time is it?
Why do i sit
Like i will never have a chance to contemplate
Pain radiating through my heart
Like a poison dart
I reflect
And Reflect...

Floating like dust specks
My thoughts take wind
My heart wants to sing
But tears clog my throat...emotions
Choke me deep
I will never sleep

Sleep,the transporter,the helicopter
That will snatch me from sanity
And take me deep into dreams
Dreams from which i am awoken
Too late...

Awakening to light
Falling on my face,light
Like dust flecks dancing
In the sunlight
Praise God i am awake

Deep,raw fear
Makes my heart sear
...But,behind the darkness
Of my mind
Beyond the unhealthy whiteness of my skin
There is a light
A bright glow
It has the power
Flow along my veins like quicksilver
fill me with hope...


Thank you Lord,for the gift of Iman which has the power to lift me from inner and outer darkness,from ill health,from sadness.