Saturday, 14 July 2007


Peace & blessings

Thought id type down a few thoughts on my blog for a change!
...iv been thinking a lot these days.All these atrocities committed in the world today....
and the media never lets up blaming the Muslims...its gone past the point when you can say
oh,omg,astaghfirAllah,how can muslims do this?because now its getting extremely
difficult believing the media,considering all the media does is directly target the muslims,
blame all and sundry act of 'ter rorism' on us muslims and cause more racial discrimination
and unrest.I don't believe that my muslim brothers and sisters are responsible for these
acts,but if they are,then any muslim can clarify for you that Islam forbids the killling of in nocent
Now looking at it from a different point,IF-and its a big IF- these people ARE muslims,
can you honestly blame them?Palestine...the situation is always reported biasedly on the
news,palestinians are always the 'baddies' and israel is oh so good.well actually,read
what a jewish rabbi has to say on the matter of the zionists oppressing the palestinians:

'We have come to Boston today to protest the celebration of the founding of the blasphemous
and heretical zionist state taking place here.we represent Torah true jews who remain loyal
to authentic judaism,who know that the root cause of the conflict and instability
plaguing the middle east and hence the entire world,is the heresy against God,called
zionism,and the heinous crimes committed in the name of its ille getimate 'state of Israel.'

Zionism!an ideology that is antithetical to judaism,one formented by unabashed atheists,
heretics and even some ostensibly 'religious' collaborators who have sold there souls to the
irreligious zionists for money and power.'
Rabbi yisroel feldman of neturei Karta
at a rallyhosted by the new england committee to defend Palestine,to protest the'Boston
celebrates Israel festival.')

interesting isn't it.Not to mention the disgusting attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.
Yep,its disgusting and saddening.
Although i do not believe that Muslims are committing these atrocities,if it IS Muslims
then a true muslim will condemn such acts,as Islam does NOT support such acts.
Do Not Judge A People Because Of The Actions Of A Few.


When i was the first Qiblah,you faced
praying me.
What a sacred place i am,why don't you see.

The cities of Makkah & Medinah are sacred to you.
These are cities sacred to Allah,but i am also sacred to

Now that i am in danger,look how you have deserted
The enemies are planning to take over,yet
you are watching peacefully.

Please get up,O' dear Muslim,and show the world you
Come on and lets be united,so then they wont dare!

And if you dont do something to show that you love me,
on the day of Qiyaamah,it will be Allah,you,and

Take heed oh muslims,and help the suffering Muslims in the land of Palestine.