Friday, 6 July 2007

Who is a poor man?

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah narrated that the Holy Prophet peace be upon him
asked the companions:'do you know who is a poor man?' The companions answered:
'He who has neither money nor property is poor in our eyes.'

The Holy Prophet peace be upon him said:'The poor man amongst my people is he
who shall come with an abundant amount of prayers,fasts and charity
on the day of judgement,but who would also have abused someone,produced
false charges against an individual,stole someones belongings,or beaten
or killed a person.'

he complaints of the oppressed people will be heard by Allah and a case made out for each
of them.The wrongs they suffered will be made amends for by the good deeds of the wrong
doers.On the day of judgement the good deeds of the individuals shall be the currency,
with which the dues shall be paid.