Thursday, 30 August 2007

How quickly it has drawn near


Well...Another month of Ramadan just round the corner!Less than two weeks to go!
The time has just flown by...i guess what our Grandma's/pa's say is correct...
That there is no Barakah (blessing) in time these days.

I wont be at home this Ramadan.Hmmmm...well,i'll miss my mother obviously and also my dads making sure we
all make the most if this month...but it'll also be a good experience for me,
will i pray and make an effort without any pushing?Hoping to see some positive results!

I was thinking today...not that its a big deal,thinking i mean,but regardless...i was thinking
of what Ramadan was like when i was like 11?In junior school...well in that day
muslims-most-really had some respect for this blessed month.You wouldn't hear
music blasting from cars...not so many sisters bare headed.At least in Ramadan they endeavored to cover their hair...the males put on their skull caps...but now,
even all that is gone with the wind.The music blasts,its just like any old day,any old month.
I wish we could be like we were in those days....

But i guess its too much to ask for.Anyway,i intend on making an effort this Ramadan.
And i hope every muslim makes an effort too!