Monday, 25 June 2007

Did You Ever Wonder...

When a christian or a Jew murders someone,religion (Christianity/Judaism) is not mentioned,
but when a Muslim is charged with a crime,its islam that goes to trial.

When a Jew practices his religion he is called 'Orthodox.'
When a Christian practices his religion he is called 'devout' but when a Muslim practices
his religion he's called a fundamentalist.

When a Jew or a Sikh grows a beard he's just practising his faith,and
when a Muslim does that,he's an extremist.

hen a Nun is covered from head to toe,she's respected for devoting
herself to God,but when a Muslim woman does that,she's Oppressed.

When a western woman stays at home to look after the house and children,she's
sacrificing herself and doing good for the household,but when a Muslim
woman does so,she needs to be liberated.

Where's the justice in this???

If You Are...

...RICH,Follow the merchant of Makkah.
...Poor,Look at the prisoner of Shi'abe(valley) Abi Taalib.
...A King,study the life of the ruler of Arabia.
...A Subject,look at the Quraish.
...A Conquerer,look at the conquerer of Badr,Hunayn & Makkah.
...Defeated,take a lesson from the battle of Uhud.
...A Teacher,look at the holy teacher in the school of Suffah.
...A Pupil,look at him who sat before Jib'rael.
...A Preacher Of The Holy Book,look at the prophet in Makkah and when successful,
watch him preach on the pulpit of Madinah.
...Wishing To Be A Prosperous Business Man,look at him who owned the lands of Banu Nazeer,Khaybar and Fadak.
...An Orphan,do not forget the child of AbdAllah and Aaminah.
...A Young Man,read the life of Makkah's Shepherd.
...A Husband,do not forget the husband of Khadija and A'aishah.
...A Father,watch the father of Faatima and the granfather of Hasan and Husain...

IN short,whatever you may be,
unto the prophet muhammad is your guidance.

The Poison Of Betrayal

Once along his travels,Prophet Isa came across a snake,which complained about a certain
snake charmer that was hunting it.Addressing Prophet Isa,the snake said:
'Oh RoohAllah!Convey to the snake charmer that my bite is terrible.He will not escape
the consequence of my poison,which is fatal.Do warn him.'

After some time,when Prophet Isa passed by the same place,he saw the same snake
curled snugly in the snake charmers basket.In surprise,Prophet Isa exclaimed:
'You had that day issued such and such a threat.What are you doing in the snake charmers basket?'

The snake replied,'Oh RoohAllah!he has pledged to release me after a certain number of days.
If he betrays me by violating his pledge,the poison of his betrayal and deception is worse for him than my poison.'

The spiritual ruin caused by the poison of deception and betrayal is worse than that physical harm caused by a snakes poison.