Friday, 22 June 2007

The Poets Lament

Protect him whose father is d ead;remove the dust from his
rainment,and injure him not.Thou knowest not how hard is
his condition;no foliage is there on a rootless tree.Give not
a kiss to a child of thine own in the sight of a helpless orphan.
If the latter weep,who will assuage his grief?If he be
angered,who will bear his burden?See that he weeps not,
for the throne of Allah trembles at the orphans lament.With
pity,wipe the tears from his eyes and the dust from his face.
If the protecting shadow of his fathers care be gone,cherish
him beneath the shadow of thy care.

Upon my head was a kingly crown when it reposed upon the
bosom of my father.Then,if a fly settled upon my body,
many were distressed on my behalf.Now,should i be taken
in captivity,not one among my friends would come to aid me.
Well do i know the orphans sorrow,for my father departed in
my childhood.

-Bustan Of Sadi-

Spiritual Darkness

There is always spiritual darkness in the talk and writing of an irreligious
and deviated person even if he speaks or writes about the Deen,(Islam).On the
contrary,the conversation or the writing of a religious man radiate Nur (spiritual re)
even if it pertains to a worldly subject.

The reason for this is that the fountain of speech is the heart.The heart
exercises its effect on the tongue and in the writing.If the heart is spiritually darkened
such darkness will become manifest in one's speech and writing.If the heart glows
with spiritual brilliance,such light will glow in ones speech and writing.It is,therefore,
essential to abstain from the company of irreligious persons and from reading the books
of irreligious persons.The effect which the company of an irreligious person exercises will also
be the product of his writings.This then is the danger in studying the books of deviates and modernists who are defective in Imaan and wanting in virtuous deeds.

An Anecdote-(Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

1.Adopting a Holier than thou attitude

In the army of Gwaliar was a muslim soldier who was clean shaven.
Other muslim soldiers continually criticized him for shaving his beard.However,
he ignored their criticism and stayed clean shaven.Coincidentally,the King ordered that,
henceforth,all soldiers will have to be clean shaven.

The others told him:
'Now you may rejoice.All have to be like you.'

'Until now i refrained from keeping a beard on account of the mischief of my nafs.
Now i shall not abstain from a law of the Sha'riah because of an order from a non-muslim
king.I shall rather work elsewhere as a labourer.'

e resigned and grew a beard while the others,who had criticized him shaved their beards.It appears in the Ahadith that whoever criticizes another persons action,adopting a holier than thou attitude,will not die before having committed the same misdeed.Only Allah Ta'ala was aware of the condition of his heart.

This is for my brothers out there^^at the same time we sisters should also take a lesson;never a judge a person.