Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Western Youth

May seem a little harsh,but it holds an important message for us;to prepare for the hereafter.

He thought he was only twenty and was going to live to seventy.

The West taught him to be free and to acquire a useless degree.

Filled with selfishness and greed,never did he perform a single deed.

When told to change and repent,he said why?i'm happy and content.

If only he knew what contentment was,he may not have made such a loss.

Satisfaction is what he chased,with disbelievers he embraced.

The wrong he saw with his eyes,the tongue he used to utter lies.

But one night he was given a fright,he was told,'Take your final breath for in front of you is death.'

Your life,indeed you wasted,the punishment shall now be tasted

Now he lies below the ground,unable to make a single sound.

But one thing for sure,it was the only cure.

He finally stopped sinning.

he point being made here is not that do not acquire secular knowledge,as in this day and age
you cant get far without secualar knowledge,but the point is,acquire secular knowledge,fine,but
don't forget that your a Muslim and you have a duty as a Muslim to acquire Islamic knowledge also,and practice it and teach it to others.