Friday, 14 March 2008

Best Husband Ever In The History Of Man

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:- ' This life is gratification. The real object of gratification is the companionship of an upright and pious marriage partner. ' (Saheeh Jami Sagheer)

In order to cement his marriage bonds, the prophet peace be upon him applied language to instill love and happiness in the hearts of his wives. Instead of calling her Ayesha, he would call her Ayesh. He conveyed messages and greetings of peace from Angel Gabriel as reported by his wife Ayesha (r.a).

The prophet peace be upon him was a loving husband. Ayesha (r.a) talked about the times when she enjoyed meals with him. He enjoyed his meals only when she sat next to him. They drank from one cup and he watched where she placed her lips so that he could place his lips on the same area. She also said that he placed morsels of food into her mouth and she would do the same.

When the prophet peace be upon him left his house-even as he left to pray in the mosque-he kissed his wives.
(Abu Dawood/Tirmidhi)

Ayesha (r.a) stated that the prophet peace be upon him visited his nine wives on a daily rotation basis.

Once Ayesha (r.a) accompanied the prophet peace be upon him on a trip. She and He were at the back of the group. They heard the guides in front calling to them and others to move faster. The prophet challenged her to a race (they were on horseback) and she beat him. Then later, on another trip, he challenged her again, and this time, he beat her. Ayesha (r.a) said that she was slender when she beat him in the race; when she put on weight, he knew he was going to beat her and therefore challenged her a second time.

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was loved and highly respected by his wives. He succeeded to live harmoniously with them all, while many husbands find it extremely difficult to cope even with a single spouse. Abu Hurairah (r.a) reported that a recipe for his success in married life, besides the grace of Allah Ta'ala, was his insistence on spiritual activity in the house. He was constant in his very late night prayers (Tahajjud) and encouraged his wives to observe these with him. When they were reluctant to leave their beds he would drip drops of water softly over their faces to help them to abandon sleep.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Why ' Happy renewal day? '

Assalamu Alaikum-:)

I hope you all enjoyed reading the poem in the post below just this one, by my talented friend Layla Khayyam. She will occasionally be posting more of her work here, so stay tuned. Also check out her poetry blog; the link is in the list of links at the side of this blog page.

I turned 20 yesterday. Yes, it was my birthday yesterday; the end of another decade.
Whilst we are on the subject of birthdays i'd like to share with you this excerpt; written by my dear friend Clement from Malaysia on the subject of birthdays. Enjoy.

Why ' happy renewal day'

I've always been thinking about the idea that you only celebrate your 'Birthday' once...
I.e on the actual day you were born on, and even on such events, its literally our parents
who are elated and celebrating the occasion.

And i guess
cakes, presents and parties would most definitely work for elementary years of life,oh yeah,
good measure for an immeasurable childhood memory...
as we reach the age of Mukallaf, i reckon birthdays are always good to be commemorated with deep reflections and in depth introspections,
what say you...?

Other than Ramadhan, this is also one of the best times for a new years resolution.
It is the time to look back (in time) into that one year of being 15 or 17 or '19'....and
to just simply ask ourselves what have we been up to for the past 1 year?
Y'know, its nice to actually introspect on how much wisdom we have actually acquired from life...and again, how much we have developed spiritually? intellectually? emotionally?... and of course, the physical growth is highly likely
And with regards to our 'Amal (deeds) it should rightfully be a session of the 'end of the year' of self-Mutaba'ah (self assessment) the checklist being for example;

...Have we made any notable progress in our Ibaadah, worship? Are our deeds/practices enhanced or have they deteriorated?Some graphs would actually help! ...How many rounds of Tilawatul-Quran did we manage throughout that one whole year? ...What are the virtues that we have successfully nurtured and should continue grooming? ... What about the vices that needs to be eliminated immediately! from our personality.

If our 'Birthday' is scheduled tomorrow, then by right, we should be on the last page of the glorious Quran, as tomorrow a new cycle begins.
Heh, just my two cents. They are all reminders foremost for my own sin committing self before thay are for anyone else, i stand to be corrected for any mis-guided point of view.

' Ala Kulli Haal ' Happy Renewal Day and may we all be renewed , our Imaan refreshed, and our A'amal rejuvenated.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Like A Lightening Rod

Assalamualykum Honoured Keekee's Blog Readers,

I wrote this poem one day as I was thinking about the state of the ummah, and more precisely, ourselves. Especially during these harsh times and the current events happening in the Middle East, one can't help but feel some sorrow not just for the state that we are in as Muslims, but for humanity as a whole. I hope you find this poem touching and mind-refreshing, insha' Allah...

Like A Lightening Rod

Many of us are drowning in the Sea of Sin,
Oh Allah help us out of the mess we're in

Our Brothers and Sisters are suffering abroad,
While we stand like a lightening rod

Still, paralyzed, not knowing what to do in the midst of the rain
Absorbing the lightening, hoping for it to stop, keeping in the pain

Every time a lightening comes---again and again--News flash
On the television set I hear the anchor reporting the details on my brothers' clash

People killing left and right, the enemy continues killing my brother
While our own brethren are fighting and killing one another

But what about us, those afar-- how many black dots
Do we have on our hearts?

Why don't we start being kinder to ourselves,
Look at the dusty Quran sitting on your shelves

Read! By the name of the Al-Mighty--this book
That Allah sent down on our Beloved Prophet--which shook
His heart, The ArchAngel Gabriel and those who understand
Truly, its a reminder for those who contemplate our Lord's demand
To hold on the rope of unity, tight and firm, humble and kind
Like a chain, a jigsaw puzzle, like a hard book's bind

Pages in a book, that's what we should be
One spine holding all the pages together, all in unity

What we watch everyday on the news, the channel of sadness
Is now a source of misery that shows the madness
That happens everyday and we see only a fraction--our picture is distorted
Much worse happens that never gets reported

And here we are, drowning in the sea of sin
Asking Allah to help us out of the mess we're in

Standing dormant like a lightening rod
Crying to God...

Layla Khayyam