Thursday, 14 June 2007

Peace...A little something about my posts...

Peace & Blessings


The things i post are usually taken from the various books,and magazines
i like to read.
However much id like to write my diary online,well,i wont because i'm better
at expressing my emotions with pen and paper!It's something else to grip a
pen in one's hand and see the ink flow onto the paper,words from my mind
to my fingers to my pen onto paper.
Here id prefer to post pieces that appeal to me from books i read or flick through.
So if anyone's reading my blogs,i do hope you enjoy them,and if not enjoy them
then i hope you at least find it interesting!
Read Lifesavers poems on my blog,she is extremely talented and they are
worth reading!
peace & Love!

Poem On Muhammad peace be upon him

A sun like pinnacle over the nine ferments
Wherein the seven planets lie,
The last of the prophets and messengers divine;
Like dust under his feet lay
Like prey by huntsman bagged the two worlds
Hung to his steed;
Unlettered though,in tongue eloquent he spake
Of what Adam to Messiah had said;
Like lemon,the first fruit of the spring,
He bought in his wake beauty and bloom.

(May Allah perpetuate his choicest blessings on his soul)