Monday, 2 July 2007


'The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a grain
of corn;it groweth seven ears,and each ear hath a hundred grains.Allah giveth
manifold increase to whom he pleaseth;and Allah careth for all and he knoweth all things.'

-Quran 2:274-

'Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day,in secret and in public,
have their reward with their Lord:on them shall be no fear,nor shall they grieve.'
-Quran 2:274-

Six Bridges

Ibrahim Bin Adham said to a man during the circulation (Tawaaf) of the Ka'abah:

'Remember dear brother,you shall never be counted among the righteous
ones until you have crossed the six bridges.Firstly,that you close the door of
favours on yourself and open the door of hardship for yourself.Secondly,that
you refrain from love of honour and prefer humility.Thirdly,that you refrain
from comfort and accept hardship.Fourthly,that you discard love of sleep and
enforce on yourself love of remaining awake-for worship,Ibaadah.Fifthly,that you
discard riches and prefer poverty.Sixthly,that you disassociate yourself from hoping and
prepare for death.'


The Robes Of Humanity

A Student engaged in the acquisition of western education switched to Deeni (Islamic)
studies.Someone asked him the reason for cutting short his western education.
The student replied:
'I desired to don the robes of humanity,for it is well-known that people are identified
by there national garb.Allah Almighty has specified the type of garment in the Quran.he says:
'And the robes of Taqwa (God fearing) are best.

This robe of Taqwa is not obtainable without the knowledge of the Dean.True and perfect
knowledge of the Deen is in the arabic language,hence the robes of humanity lies in arabic.
I have,therefore,switched from english to arabic to commence my Deeni education.'

(Maulana Maseehullah)