Friday, 5 October 2007

Whats New?

Assalamu Alaikum

Well,its the 23rd fast today!Ramadhans just flown by,as i mentioned in a post beforehand!Last night was one of the odd nights,and although i didn't do enough of Ibaadah (worship) i hope it was enough,and that my prayers were accepted.I sincerely hope this Ramadhan finishes with 30 fasts and not 29,Eid on a Friday would be awfully hectic!But khair,whenever Allah wills.

Iv been thinking about my birthday which is approaching be hitting 20,you know,the big 2-OH,and i really dont feel it.i'm still 16 at heart and probably look it too:P But yeah,i hope i haven't wasted the years and that i wont waste the years to come.
On a completely different note-thinking of the one-ness of God (Tawheed),i came across a couple of couplets that caught and held my attention.
In everything there is a sign
Which attests to the fact that He is one.

When the droppings (of a camel) indicate the presence of a Camel
And the footprints (of a human being) indicate the presence of a human
Then why would the heavens and the earth,with all their magnificence and glamour
Not point to the existence of a Mighty Creator!

eloquently spoken by a Bedouin when he was asked how he knew that Allah exists.

InshaAllah i will be going for Hajj this year-:) i thought id include a beautiful picture of one of the Holy mosques,Masjid-e-Nabawi (the prophets mosque) in Medinah.