Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Like A Lightening Rod

Assalamualykum Honoured Keekee's Blog Readers,

I wrote this poem one day as I was thinking about the state of the ummah, and more precisely, ourselves. Especially during these harsh times and the current events happening in the Middle East, one can't help but feel some sorrow not just for the state that we are in as Muslims, but for humanity as a whole. I hope you find this poem touching and mind-refreshing, insha' Allah...

Like A Lightening Rod

Many of us are drowning in the Sea of Sin,
Oh Allah help us out of the mess we're in

Our Brothers and Sisters are suffering abroad,
While we stand like a lightening rod

Still, paralyzed, not knowing what to do in the midst of the rain
Absorbing the lightening, hoping for it to stop, keeping in the pain

Every time a lightening comes---again and again--News flash
On the television set I hear the anchor reporting the details on my brothers' clash

People killing left and right, the enemy continues killing my brother
While our own brethren are fighting and killing one another

But what about us, those afar-- how many black dots
Do we have on our hearts?

Why don't we start being kinder to ourselves,
Look at the dusty Quran sitting on your shelves

Read! By the name of the Al-Mighty--this book
That Allah sent down on our Beloved Prophet--which shook
His heart, The ArchAngel Gabriel and those who understand
Truly, its a reminder for those who contemplate our Lord's demand
To hold on the rope of unity, tight and firm, humble and kind
Like a chain, a jigsaw puzzle, like a hard book's bind

Pages in a book, that's what we should be
One spine holding all the pages together, all in unity

What we watch everyday on the news, the channel of sadness
Is now a source of misery that shows the madness
That happens everyday and we see only a fraction--our picture is distorted
Much worse happens that never gets reported

And here we are, drowning in the sea of sin
Asking Allah to help us out of the mess we're in

Standing dormant like a lightening rod
Crying to God...

Layla Khayyam