Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Wisdom Of Luqman

Advices Of Luqman Hakeem.

The son of Luqman said to his father, ' O my beloved father, which quality of man is the best? '
He replied, ' Deen. '
He then asked, ' If there were two? '
He replied, ' Deen & Wealth. '
He asked, ' If there were three? '
He replied, ' Deen, Wealth & Modesty. ' He asked, ' If there were four? '
He replied, ' Deen, Wealth, Modesty & Good Character. '
e asked, ' If there were five? '
He replied, ' Deen, Wealth, Modesty, Good character & Generosity. '
He said, ' If there were six? '
Luqman replied, ' O my son! If a person had these five qualities combined in him, he would be pure and pious and a friend of Allah. He would be free of Shaitaan. '

Luqman said, ' I have moved rocks and carried speech,
but i have not seen anything heavier than debt.
I have eaten wholesome foods and embraced good deeds,
but i have never witnessed anything tastier than health and vitality. '

He said, ' When you are engaged in Salaah,
then protect your heart.
When you are engaged in eating,
then protect your throat.
If you are in someone else's home,
then protect your eyes.

When you are amongst people,
then protect your tongue.
Think of two things and forget two;
As for the two you should remember;
they are Allah and d eath.
And the two which you should forget are; The good you have done for others,
and the evil done to you by others. '

( Shaikh Yusuf Kathaar Muhammad)